Here’s how BLUR reacted to the latest monthly unlock

David Heredia October 9, 2023
Here’s how BLUR reacted to the latest monthly unlock

Blur tokens, worth around $15.5 million, have been unlocked.

Blur [BLUR] recently unlocked and transferred some volumes of its token to the Coinbase exchange. This unlock is part of the ongoing monthly release pattern observed over the last few months. This November,46.19 million tokens were unlocked, valued at around $15.49 million.

Also, data from Spot On Chain, analyzed by AMBCrypto, showed that a total of 436.5 million tokens, worth around $123 million, have been unlocked since June. Notably, the October unlock involved 51.22 million tokens.

Looking ahead, there are still over 1 billion tokens, valued at more than $340 million, yet to be unlocked.

In its analysis of the daily timeframe chart for the BLUR token, AMBCrypto observed positive price uptrends following its last two unlocks. After the September unlock, the token experienced a more than 6% increase in value.

Also, a similar pattern was observed, with an over 4% increase immediately after the October unlock.

Notably, after the October unlock, the price demonstrated a more rapid uptrend. This uptrend was influenced by the broader bullish trend in the overall cryptocurrency market.

However, the lead-up to the present uptrend has been less impressive. The chart analysis revealed a decline of over 19% in the last four days. At the time of this writing, there was a slight recovery of 1.8%.

Despite the fall in price, the Relative Strength Index line indicated that BLUR remained in a strong bull trend at press time. Given this trend, there is anticipation that the upcoming unlock might trigger another positive price reaction.

AMBCrypto’s analysis of NFT marketplace data on Dune Analytics highlights Blur’s sustained dominance. Examination of both daily and weekly volume showed a consistent influx of activity on the platform. Also, it surpassed notable competitors like OpenSea.

In the daily chart, Blur’s daily volume was over 12.8 million, outpacing OpenSea’s 2.8 million, with a combined total volume of 17 million.

Turning attention to the weekly volume, its dominance becomes even more apparent. At the time of analysis, the weekly volume for Blur stood at an impressive 152 million. This data underscores its notable performance and market presence within the NFT space.

David Heredia